Naomi Pilgrim: It’s All Good

There's so many genres and labels out there when a new artist releases a song; sometimes I don't even know what to categorise them - to the point, where if I made up something (a la Jimmy Kimmel Lie Witness News) that people would just believe it. In the case of Naomi Pilgrim.. I would consider her "soul-pop". What do you think?

I CAN’T STOP listening to this song! Seriously.

The single dropped about a month ago but Naomi Pilgrim only recently released the official video for ‘It’s All Good’ and I’m so glad to finally be able to share this tune with you.

You know how music can just turn a bad day/mood around? Lately, it’s been this song that has done that for me.

‘Take a breath, hold it in
Focus on the positive,
Slowly breathe my worries out
Feel awake, feel it right
Think I’m gonna be alright’

‘It’s All Good’ sounds absolutely effortless with Pilgrim’s spectacularly straight-forward lyrics amid a hazy pop fog and a powerful chorus. It’s a pop-positive track with elements of modernist R&B fury, and although it might sound like something you’ll hear on Top 40 radio, there’s something about Naomi Pilgrim’s vocals that gives the track some rousing confidence and sincerity.