Mr. Carmack: love loving you in 3/4

Hawaii-based producer Mr Carmack blurs the distinction between hip-hop and dance music in such a progressive way that has every other producer constantly scratching their heads, and asking themselves, 'How?' Check out Mr Carmack's latest offering to the table.

Mr. Carmack, Mr. Carmack.

Known to the EDM world as the one with all the “bangers”, right?

Personally, I’m not so much a lover of the EDM genre, but I like to dabble into that world every now and then to see what’s going on. Some songs I take a liking to but most, is an acquired taste.

In the spirit of giving and Christmas, Mr. Carmack has presented us with a gift in the form of ‘love loving you in 3/4’ – which to me, does not should not be classified as EDM at all.

Containing “a yb / wondagurl sample”, Mr. Carmack’s latest offering is really quite brilliant; giving us a track that really is on another level to what EDM is generally defined to be, with layers of delicate and ghostly vocals intertwined within a loop of trippy, smooth, and soulful beats.

Not quite sure what the “3/4” represents in this song, but I find with most beats and instrumental offerings, the title of the track itself is usually a mystery waiting to be unravelled, rather than a hint to an existing story.

And that’s definitely the case with Mr. Carmack’s Christmas gift to us (above).

Oh, and if you haven’t already heard about it, the Hawaii-based producer is heading back to our Aussie/NZ shores over the next couple of weeks to help us bring in the New Year!

Mr. Carmack Australian Tour