This video first came to my attention via Flying Lotus when he shared it to his Facebook page with the caption: "Pretty much." Which just goes to show that this is exactly what happens with our favourite artists, actors, musicians, models, etc.

Matthew Frost’s videos and photographs feature in some of the biggest fashion magazines, and yet his videos often poke fun at or highlight something in modern society that makes us a little less humane.

Much like Babycakes Romero’s photographs illustrating the Death of Conversation aka our obsessiveness with our smartphones, “Aspirational” takes a different angle on the topic, showing us what happens when a celebrity is involved.

Kirsten Dunst stars in this short film, which is possibly Frost’s subtlest jibe at the anti-social aspects of social media platforms like Instagram.

Standing outside waiting for an Uber to pick her up, Kirsten Dunst is stopped by two fans who without asking descend upon her and start taking some incredibly forced selfies. Dunst stands awkward, baffled and a little puzzled as both girls have their turns as if she is just a cardboard cut-out or a Madame Tussauds’ waxwork, with the pair leaving feeling victorious and Kirsten looking slightly used.

The defining moment is when Dunst asks the girls if they want to ask her anything, and all they want to do is for her to ‘tag’ them.

Is that all that is cared about these days? If you met your favourite celebrity (or any, for that matter), wouldn’t you want some one-on-one time with them, sharing and conversing with them?