Adria: Pull Me Under

Perth based newcomer Adria has landed with a dark and sultry splash in the form of debut single and video 'Pull Me Under'. Her vocals pierce through an elegantly simple piano melody and dark, moody synths which complement against the black-and-white video perfectly.

There’s something brewing over the western parts of Australia and its latest star is Adria.

The (almost) 18 year-old singer from Perth has recently released her new single, ‘Pull Me Under’, which is ethereal, moody and mysterious. And the accompanying visuals touches on all three of these characteristics with its beautiful black-and-white video (above).

“Named after the Adriatic Sea, it’s a hardly a surprise that Perth native Adria feels a deep connection to the water and draws influence from its many splendoured qualities, from the glassy and calm to the dramatic and turbulent in her approach to writing music.”

Produced in London by Matthew Wiggins (Lorde, Florence & The Machine), Adria co-wrote the track with Viktor Balter-Lundin (Lykke Li) in Stockholm, delivering a song that is sure to have many turning heads and their volume dials up.