Wayfarer//: Night Games

I love artists that have a sense of mystery to them as it always leaves me wanting to know more or hear what else they have hidden up their sleeves. One artist that comes to mind that fits this description is Melbourne beatmaker, Wayfarer//. And his new single, Night Games, sees him collaborating with Sydney soul singer Donna Arendse from The Septembers (A duo that I absolutely love!), resulting in sultry and soulful vocals over a smooth experimentation of beats.

‘No-one wants the hype..’

This is the line we hear Sydney vocalist Donna Arendse sing over and over throughout the track and it definitely gets into your head.

It definitely brings some truth to the table – for me, at least. So many things are hyped up to the point where we will experience whatever it is they’re “hyping up” and more-often-than-not, see our high expectations come crashing down. Sad face.

Donna Arendse‘s vocals weaves in and out of the multiple layers created by Wayfarer//‘s beat-making skills. The trap and electronic elements of the song mixed with Arendse’s soulful voice and thought-provoking lyrics definitely creates a stimulating visual that leads you to think,‘What are these Night Games they speak of?’ đŸ˜‰

There’s definitely a sense of mystery in the air..

‘Night Games’ is the first single from Wayfarer//‘s latest mixtape “Beat Tape 02” which is available now.

Wayfarer:: - Night Games

***CORRECTION/UPDATE*** Received notice from The Septembers via Twitter that Donna is singing ‘No-one wants the hurt’! Doesn’t really matter though, because I feel like the same reasoning applies – no-one wants the HYPE or the HURT.

Enjoy. x.