Tyler, The Creator Interviews Pharrell

The world wide web already knows how Tyler, the Creator feels about his idol, Pharrell Williams and even more so his reaction when Williams headlined Odd Future's annual Festival, Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. So can you imagine how Tyler must've been feeling when he interviewed Pharrell for Mass Appeal?

It’s no big secret that I’m a fan of Tyler, the Creator.

Not so much for his music these days, but rather what he represents for the generation of “Millenials”.

Whilst the greater part of the “Millenials” has generated a whole heap of money-hungry, hipster-loving douche-bags, there are a small percentage like Tyler who are doing something with themselves – or rather, more than just one thing.

At this year’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival (the annual festival curated by Odd Future), which saw an impressive line-up including Tyler’s idol (whom he can also now fortunately call his friend), Pharrell, Rick Ross, Action Bronson, the entire OFWGKTA collective, amongst many others.

Headliner Pharrell Williams has also noticed this small percentage of Generation Z made of Odd Future, Kendrick (Lamar) and the like, as he shares some wise words with Tyler, which we should also make note of:

“This generation is made up of a lot of great minds that give a fuck about where things end up and how they go; and as long as you stay where you are and loyal to your beliefs, and your curiosity, no-one can touch you.

“This generation has an anchor [that] is Odd Future.”

OFWGKTA are definitely a collective we should all be keeping our eyes on, if you aren’t doing so already.