Tom Misch: 4 Hour Song Challenge

Sit back, relax and listen to this song from London's Tom Misch. Setting himself a challenge this week, Misch composed, produced and uploaded this song to Soundcloud within 4 hours. Not sure why 4 was the number chosen but the result is nothing short of brilliant.

This week, Tom Misch set himself a challenge:

“To start a track from scratch and upload it to Soundcloud within 4 hours.”

And here’s the result.

It’s quite a beautiful track in my opinion, and if he can create this song in less than 4 hours (presumably it took him a couple minutes to upload the track), I can’t even begin to imagine what he would be able to create if he had more time.

The 19-year-old composer/guitarist/singer/violinist clearly shows us with this song that there’s not an aspect of music that the Soulection artist can’t handle.

Adding his raw vocals and letting them flow harmoniously over the sweet and enjoyable instrumentals, it’s a nice change to hear Misch’s voice as he sings, “I’m going somewhere far, far away. And please don’t tell me that I should stay for another day.”

Although the track itself doesn’t have a proper title attached to it yet, Tom Misch adds that he may “develop it at a later stage into something more substantial”. This version is already so incredible. I can’t imagine what the “more substantial” track might sound like! Can you?