Tiny Desk Concerts: BANKS

Tiny Desk Concerts often require creative and logistical transformations, from electric bands going acoustic to big bands squashing into a tiny space to many players gathering around a single microphone. But the setting is particularly challenging for vocalists, especially those accustomed to heavy production, like BANKS, whom I've written about a handful of times. She is the latest guest to appear in the NPR office as part of the Tiny Desk Concerts series and her performance is nothing short of amazing. Sweet, sultry and stripped down in an acoustic-esque setting. Love. Love. Love.

Tiny Desk Concerts - BANKS

I have been completely hooked on BANKS‘ debut record since its release in September. I honestly think it’s one of the better releases of 2014 and I’m so psyched that she’s finally heading down under in 2015!

Last week though, she shared a performance that she had done in the NPR office for the “Tiny Desk Concert” series. If you’re unaware of these “concerts”, I highly suggest googling the other performances that have been showcased such as Adele, Foreign Exchange, John Legend, Miguel, The National, as well as a bunch of international indie acts that you’ll most likely fall in love with.

25-year-old Jillian Banks gives a smooth and breezy rendition of her latest single ‘Beggin’ For Thread’, an acoustic version of Brain and the fiery album opener — ‘Alibi’.

Whilst she starts off each song singing low, soft and sweet (much like the way she speaks in the same soft and sweet manner); as the songs build up, BANKS‘ voice just pierces through my laptop speakers. I would recommend listening through your headphones with the volume turned UP, silencing any other distractions around you.

Sounding like she’s putting EVERYTHING into the performance, BANKS manages to pull off the performance with so much conviction.

I really dig her performance here in such an intimate setting and it has me so excited to see her at next year’s Laneway Festival. Woot Woot!

Will anyone else be attending? Who are you looking forward to seeing the most?

P.S BANKS has announced a Laneway sideshow in Sydney ONLY! Fingers crossed I can grab a couple of tickets. Sideshows are always so much better than the festival performances, in my opinion.