Theophilus London: Tribe

It's been a minute since Theophilus London released some new music and I'm pretty excited to hear his new record, if the latest single, Tribe, is anything to go by. Check out his live performance of the track featuring soul singer Jesse Boykins III.

Theophilus London - Tribe

While David Letterman is still the host of the Late Show, he’s been getting some pretty major rockers as his musical guests of late (including Kimbra and The Foo Fighters), and last Friday (US time), Theophilus London performed his new single, ‘Tribe’, with guest Jesse Boykins III.

The visuals for this track came out last week, and whilst I wasn’t a fan of the video, I am diggin’ the good vibes that this song is creating. This performance pretty much showcases how energetic the single is though!

Theophilus London is not your average hip-hop artist though. I wouldn’t even consider him a hip-hop artist as he sort of marches to his own beat. His sound has always been a mixture of funk, hip-hop and indie rock which matches his eclectic style.

Based on that fusion of sound, ‘Tribe’ provides us with the added touch of vocals from soul singer Jessie Boykins III to the mix and he’s definitely got a hit on his hands. But remember, it’s not the first time these two talented acts have teamed up together.
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‘Tribe’ is off of London’s new album, “Vibes”, which was executively-produced by Kanye West. Based on that fact alone, my expectations for the record are pretty high up there. “Vibes” is out now.