Product Review: Crumpler’s Spinning Vortex Kit Bag

Crumpler’s latest collection ‘Spinning Vortex’ celebrates the art of spontaneous living! However you move, whatever you want to do or fill that bag up with, Go. For. It. One thing's for sure: the Crumpler Spinning Vortex collection is a new range of functional bags that helps you be as active or lethargic as you like. It's all up to you.

Crumpler's Spinning Vortex Kit Bag

Okay, so in the past when I’ve been asked to review a Crumpler bag, it’s usually been a laptop bag that I receive in the mail because that’s what I ask for. For the record, laptop bags are hard to come by if you’re looking for one that’s functional, affordable, stylish and comfortable. And if you’re in the market for a laptop bag, then I suggest checking out The Bell – Currer, The Vegetable From Inside The Mountain or The Gypsy Moth Tote Bag – those are my top 3.

But if you’re on the hunt for a new bag that can provide 3 storage zones (aka plenty of space), functionality, is stylishly unique, and has a whole heap of other secret functions, then I believe I’ve found the perfect companion.

Exhibit A: The Kit Bag.

Coming in two different colourways – Peacock and Chalk – the Chalk option is what I chose as no two patterns of the Chalk print are the same. Cool, huh? I love that sense of uniqueness and knowing that no other Crumpler customer has the exact same bag.

The Law of Vortex

The Spinning Vortex collection from Crumpler is designed for women on the move. Whether that be running, walking, stumbling (Hey, no judgement here.), these bags will take you where you want to go without getting in the way. But before you get it twisted, make sure you read “The Law of Vortex” above. 🙂

But I should probably mention that in the lookbook for the Spinning Vortex collection, the Kit Bag claims to hold 7 bottles of wine or a yoga mat.
So, choose your form of exercise and proceed. Like I said before, there’s no judgement here. 😉 I, personally, don’t partake in the practice of yoga so you know what that means.. Just Kidding! Well.. I don’t think I could consume 7 bottles! Haha.

Crumpler's Spinning Vortex Kit Bag_2

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah! Seeing that this wasn’t a laptop bag, I wanted to test its limits and different functions, so I took it out a few times on different occasions – exploring the streets of Melbourne, as a bag filled with my dirty clothes on a trip to the laundromat and even as a carry-on during a recent weekend away.

The result? It surprised me.

Take the trip to the laundromat for example, usually I’m taking two large totes filled with clothes and whatnot, and with the Kit Bag, I practically filled the bag to its brim with practically everything I needed and the drawstring closure made sure everything stayed inside. The Kit Bag comes with an extra pouch too which I decided to hold in place of my normal handbag as it easily held my keys, phone and cash. Definitely a plus!

Crumpler's Spinning Vortex Kit Bag_3

Other impressive features? The Karate Belt carry-handles are made from super-soft webbing, which also made it carrying around on my shoulders and arms super comfortable; the textured Oxford Weave outer fabric is weather resistant and durable, which is always a plus when experiencing Melbourne’s unpredictable weather; AND the bag can also be carried in three ways: backpack, tote or sling. Gotta love options!

All in all, the bag definitely ticks all the boxes and is one of my favourites from all the Crumpler bags reviewed so far. 😀