oriJanus: 6

Sometimes in those really rare moments, I will hear a song and instantly fall in love with it, immediately wanting to jot down my thoughts and share it. That exact feeling happened within the past 20 minutes or so when less than an hour ago, Soulection released their 13th White Label series featuring 21-year-old oriJanus. One song in particular stood out for me and well, this is probably the fastest I've ever written a post. Haha. Enjoy. <3


Whilst Australians don’t really celebrate the holiday, the team behind Soulection are thankful for so many things and wanted to share the love with the release of their latest White Label series.

This time around, they’ve highlighted artist oriJanus and I’ve chosen to highlight one track in particular: ‘6’.

“Where ever you are in the world, we hope you are enjoying yourself. It’s holiday season here in the States and we are feeling grateful for an amazing year of music and inspiration despite all the negativity going on outside of music.

For our 13th edition of our White Label Series we have our good brother oriJanus who we have been connecting with since the beginning of our time. If there is one word we can describe to represent OJ it would be a perfectionist. This is one of those organic connections that we wanted to let fall into place on its own and here we are.”

The song itself samples the classic sing-along-hit ‘Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)’ from Digable Planets and oriJanus fuses it together with hard-hitting rhythmic elements, bringing about all those good vibes that we, down under, can really groove along to as we enter the scorching sunshine of the Summer season. ‘6’ complements those feelings perfectly.

Listen to the rest of the 3-track EP right here.