Mary J. Blige: Not Loving You

Mary J. Blige, legend of hip-hop soul, has been branching out lately - her forthcoming album, The London Sessions, was made in collaboration with electronic duo Disclosure and British crooner Sam Smith. And her latest effort is surely going to make you fall in love with Mary J all over again with this heart-wrenching power ballad.

Mary J. Blige has turned the clock back a little with this power ballad, but it’s a beautiful ballad and I think she’s heading in the right direction.

Co-written by the one and only Sam Smith, strip away the piano and the melody, and you can hear that Mary is baring her soul into this song.

I love it when music can provide you with all the feelings, evoking every emotion that you have inside you, and this song does that to me.

Personally, I think it really showcases how good a performer and songwriter an artist can be when they can get really vulnerable and be in that moment. That’s just me though.

I miss this type of R&B.

‘Not Loving You’ is from Mary J’s forthcoming “London Sessions” project, which is set to be released early December.