Jessie Ware x Tokimonsta: Keep On Lying (Remix)

Last week, Jessie Ware released one remix of her song 'Keep On Lying' each day, created with some of her favourite producers in Red Bull Studios across the world. And out of all five remixes, this one was my favourite.

Last month, Jessie Ware released her much-anticipated album, Tough Love and last week, she decided to create a remix project with Red Bull Studios and chose five of her favourite producers to remix one of her songs from the album, ‘Keep On Lying’.

Brainfeeder beatmaker TOKiMONSTA served up her interpretation of the track last week, taking the song in a more uplifting direction.

The remix fuses Ware’s vocals giving it a sparkling new life with refreshing melodic elements, layered with a kaleidoscope of glistening synths and proficient percussion, which ultimately resulted in a much more playful result.

Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at how the two met and worked together on the song. It provides an interesting insight into how a producer like TOKiMONSTA works.