Hooch Fest: A Boutique Festival

Australia is quickly becoming the perfect landscape for the ultimate Summer festival. There have been so many different festivals announced recently for the December/January period that I can barely keep up! Hooch Fest is the latest announcement and is set to rock Mandurah (a short drive from Perth) on December 6. Better hurry up and grab your tickets!

Hooch Fest - A Boutique Festival

I think it’s safe to say that Perth residents can stop complaining about the lack of concerts and music acts that fly over their way, because a whole heap of festivals have been announced for the upcoming holiday season. And now, there’s another one to add to the list!


HOOCH FEST gives regional Australia the music festival it deserves. A pastel-flavoured boutique party. An online love-in. An exploration of subculture.”

Their words^^, not mine. But doesn’t it leave you curious as to how a festival could possibly provide all of that? I am definitely intrigued.

This will definitely be a one-of-a-kind party, which will see the frontline of digital and electronic acts take the stage(s) of the multi-venue event.

So who’s on the bill?

The curated lineup includes Golden Features, Basenji, Sable, Indian Summer, Lewi McKirdy, UV Boi,
Jubilee (US), StéLouse (US) and more, with Art by Hand and visuals by Combs.

Interested? Details below!

When: Saturday December 6, 2014
Where: Smart St Mall, Mandurah.
Tickets: Second release tickets available for $70