Jhené Aiko: Behind The Seen

R&B superstar Jhené Aiko takes us behind the scenes into the creative process of her debut album "Souled Out" and the meaning of singles "The Worst" & "The Pressure", via this short documentary. Definitely worth watching.

Jhené Aiko - Behind The Seen

Last month, Jhené Aiko released her debut album, “Souled Out”, and now she’s giving us a closer look into the creative process behind it.

Entitled, “Behind The Seen”, Aiko details the meaning and inspiration behind some of the album’s most talked about records, like ‘The Worst’ and ‘The Pressure’.

The 15 minute documentary also shows us some behind the scene footage of Drake’s “Would You Like a Tour?”, her musical influences, and also shines light on her relationship with her daughter Namiko.

“I think I just maybe want people to connect with the songs on this album and connect with me and just find themselves in these songs.

“I never considered myself like an entertainer,” she explains. “So I never wanted to like, be in front of crowds and once I realised that they were connecting to me and my words, with my stories, then it was more about me like wanting to, you know, just share it with them in person.”
Jhené Aiko.