EMRSN: Brown Sugar

With a smooth and sensual voice that will evoke all of your emotions, Melbourne artist EMRSN seems to be waving the flag for the Future Soul movement in Melbourne, Australia and beyond. His exceptional voice cuts through the melodies and pierces the soul with every note and subtle inflection. I heard him sing live this week and you will want to see him too.

EMRSN - Brown Sugar

As a blogger and reviewer of music, more often than not, I feel like I’m a judge on The Voice – listening to music of artists and not knowing their identity until I have to find a photo of them to accompany the music I’m sharing.

And if you watch The Voice (Honestly, I only like the audition rounds of those reality shows), you’ll almost always hear on a handful of episodes one of the judges say ‘You are not what I expected when I heard that voice’. You know, in terms of the way they look.

I experienced this on Tuesday night when I went to D’Angelo’s only sideshow for SoulFest at 170 Russell in Melbourne.

The artist in question: EMRSN.

EMRSN was on the bill to perform on the local stage at Melbourne’s SoulFest but with every Australian festival, there’s always hints of problems, isn’t there?

And SoulFest seemed to be no different: Mos Def didn’t perform in Sydney. All Melbourne local acts were cancelled. Brisbane and New Zealand are happening this weekend. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong for them.

Coincidentally, the song I’ve chosen is EMRSN’s cover of D’Angelo’s classic hit, ‘Brown Sugar’. Just listen to his voice. D’Angelo didn’t include this song into his sideshow performance, but I think EMRSN’s performance kinda makes up for it.

Press play and just listen.