Abjo: Reprisal

Soulection artist Abjo has certainly delivered with his newest EP and the stand-out tune for me is his take on a Black Eyed Peas classic (pre-Fergie days, of course). Just as Will.I.Am praises in the original, Abjo's 'Reprisal' makes you wanna sing out: 'That's the joint, that's the jam Turn that shit up, play it again' Because I honestly want to turn the volume up and play this song again and again.

Abjo - Reprisal

Remember when the Black Eyed Peas were considered a respectable hip-hop group?

Remember the days of Black Eyed Peas prior to Fergie joining the group? When she joined, Black Eyed Peas went from hip-hop to pop overnight and with that (downhill) turn, came the haters. So many haters.

Fergie is a fine artist on her own but in my opinion, she changed Black Eyed Peas for the worst.

An artist who obviously feels my sentiments is Soulection’s own Abjo, who has turned the clock back, dug into the archives to retrieve the awesome track that was ‘Joints and Jams’ and flipped the instrumentals delivering a Brazilian-inspired single that is funky, catchy and oh, so refreshing.

I’ve chosen to showcase the Radio Edit, only because it’s a little longer than the original and I just want ‘Reprisal’ to keep going and going. Honestly, I could listen to this uptempo re-flip All. Damn. Day.

‘Reprisal’ comes off of Abjo’s newest EP, “Vibração Comigo (Vibe With Me)” which you can purchase RIGHT NOW.