Tinashe: Pretend

Whilst we're waiting on the release of 21-year-old R&B songstress Tinashe's debut album, her latest single, Pretend, features another high-profile collaboration with the PMF himself, A$AP Rocky. The single is a sweet and sultry slow jam for all ears to indulge in.

Tinashe - Pretend

Although Tinashe‘s official video for ‘Pretend’ at the moment is a story-board style of finger-painted lyrics splattered across the screen, I don’t actually mind at all – only due to the fact that the lyrics are so relatable with a certain situation I’ve found myself in recently.

In fact this verse right here.. hit me like a ton of bricks. Truth.

Let’s pretend I ain’t your friend
So we can get it on again
Let’s pretend we never met
A good excuse to play forget
Let’s pretend you never lied
So I can give it up all night
Swallow my pride, and learn to forgive
When I’m looking for love I pretend

Personally, it wouldn’t have been from one person expressing the entire verse though. It would be more of a back and forth between us, but honestly, how someone could “pretend” that there wasn’t a third party in the picture is beyond me.

Anyhow, back to this slow jam, ‘Pretend’ illustrates the all-too-familiar themes of heartbreak and infidelity. Whilst not everyone has experienced infidelity, I’m sure we’ve all had our heart broken once or twice.

A$AP Rocky delivers a nice additional verse that is both smooth and memorable too, without breaking the flow of the entire song which I really like.