Rachel Foxx: Before You (J-Louis flip)

Get ready to explore the depths of music with J-Louis' funky and contagious flip of Rachel Foxx's 'Before You'. I'm not going to say anymore. I just want you to click on the link below, press play and listen.

Rachel Foxx - Before You (J-Louis flip)

It’s been about a month since J-LouisWhite Label EP was released via Soulection and I’m finally finding the time to discuss my thoughts on what I believe is the stand-out track: ‘Before You’.

As an artist, J-Louis has always impressed me with his capabilities. From that Mara Hruby flip on his first EP, “Balanced”, to making beats on his iPhone (!!) right up to a month ago; finally, with the 21-year-old blessing us with this four-track EP for the White Label.

Key word: Finally.

This track right here though, a “flip” of Rachel Foxx’s ‘Before You’, is definitely the one that made an instant impression on me.

Rachel Foxx’s soulful vocals gently floats in and out between the layers of J-Louis‘ beats, bass and funky tones, making for an enthralling 3 minute delivery.