Confession: Every time I see that IAMNOBODI has released something new on Soundcloud, I immediately add it to my favourites and usually, because I'm at work and have to get back to finishing a task, I will forget about it and won't get to listen to said tune(s) until I remember to - days later. I completely slept on this track. 10 days later and I am finally able to sit down and write about it. Dear IAMNOBODI, I <3 you for this one. That's all. Peace.


Love love loved this re-envision of Destiny’s Child ‘Lose My Breath’ as soon as I hit play. Yes, yes.

I thought the original was already a hard-hitting song – particularly with that drum intro (Am I the only one who thought this?) – and initially believed that no-one (or should I say nobody hehe) could remix the tune but I was wrong. IAMNOBODI has pulled it off, and done it oh, so well.

My goodness.

I’m not afraid to admit that I was a massive fan of Destiny’s Child back in the day, and this song was definitely one of my favourites (Admittedly, I had a lot of favourites though.), but Soulection’s IAMNOBODI has somehow re-invented the tune and made ‘L.M.B’ sound new and fresh.

I need this version in my life. For now, it’s here for you to listen to and forever staying in my Soundcloud favourites.

For those residing in the States, IAMNOBODI has just announced a US tour. So jealous.

Someone seriously needs to book this man to come to Australia!! Sooner, rather than later please.

Just for kicks, I’m taking you back to 2004 and adding the original version below. I used to love this video hehe. Enjoy.