An Interview with Samantha Jade

Ever since X-Factor announced the winner in 2012 to be Samantha Jade, Australia's own pop starlet has kept on rising and kept her name in the spotlight, co-writing every song on her album, and working with the world's top producers including Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins and Wyclef to name a few. Plus, she starred as Kylie Minogue in the TV mini-series about INXS. Phew! What's next for the gorgeous singer? Hit the link below to check out our interview with her.

An Interview with Samantha Jade

Samantha Jade is a stunning individual.

The 5 to 9 Life was invited to attend the Target Runway at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney over this past weekend and performing down the runway in Dannii Minogue’s ‘Petites’ Collection was Ms Jade.

But there’s more to Jade than just good looks. She is a multi-talented woman having proved herself over the past two years (after winning the coveted X-Factor title) as a singer, songwriter, and actress. Plus, before all that, she used to be a model! No wonder she looked like a natural rocking the Target runway.

Samantha Jade returned to Sydney from Los Angeles last week to attend and star in the Fashion Festival and we had a chance to interview her about the collection, life in LA and of course, her new record.

1. How has life been treating you? Has it been a complete whirlwind since they announced your name on the X-Factor stage in 2012? Do you (still) feel the need to pinch yourself sometimes?
Yes, I still to this day think I’m going to wake up from a dream!

2. You’ve just returned from Los Angeles – how was that? Are we going to be losing another Australian to the sights of Hollywood?
It was amazing. Being out there brought back so many memories! And I did get a bit of guilty pleasure from the food hehe. But no, never! I’ll always know where my home is.

3. In all seriousness though, you were in L.A recording your latest record. What can you tell us about it?
Well, what I can tell you is that my fans have been waiting long enough for my record and I can assure you it’s been worth the wait. It’s filled with everything from fun sing-alongs, to deep ballads. It’s got a song everyone can enjoy!

4. What do you hope fans and critics will take away from the record?
I hope my fans and critics can learn something good from it, whether that be about themselves or just listening to it with a smile on their face. As well as learning a lot more about me from an emotional side. All together I hope they enjoy the record!

5. You’re back in Sydney to walk and perform on the Target Runway Show for Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival this week. How exciting! How do you feel about Target’s new bold direction and how will it stand out amongst the other collections that will be showing at the Fashion Festival this year?
Yes, I am so excited! I think it is amazing that a brand [that is] host to nearly every household item can also have such a strong take on the fashion scene. Target is so on trend and affordable – that’s what I love about it.

MBFF Sydney - Target Runway

6. You’re be rocking pieces from Dannii Minogue’s new ‘Petites’ range down the runway for Target. What do you love about the collection?
I love the fact us smaller sized girls can finally have a large variety of clothes to shop for! I finally won’t be caught buying a few clothes from the kids/teens section anymore hehe.

7. Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
The blazer really stands out, such a classy and feminine piece that can be dressed down or up!

8. Pay it forward: What’s the best advice you’ve received that you would happily share with others?
It may sound cheesy but chase your dreams no matter what somebody tells you, never give up because you truly don’t know how close success is.

9. If you had to create the perfect mixtape for your 5 to 9 life, which artists would be featured?
Beyonce, her records could be my life soundtrack! Hehe But I would also have to add some Katy Perry and Ariana Grande, their upbeat tracks would always keep me smiling and awake!

10. What’s next for Samantha Jade?
Hopefully some more acting roles! But most definitely an album followed by a national tour. I’m just going to keep working hard to give back to my fans!

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