Nike Sportswear: Fall 2014

Whilst the entire Fall collection from Nike should be celebrated and shared with the world, it's the Sportswear collection from the Fall 2014 collection that I've chosen to highlight for this particular write-up. Trying to juggle two lives, the Sportswear collection features pieces that I can see myself incorporating into both my corporate and creative life with some clever and subtle styling. Don't worry fellas, you're included in this post. ;)

Nike Fall Sportswear 2014 - Women's Windrunner

The latest Fall collection from Nike highlights pieces that are perfect for the both males and female athletes before, during, and after their work-outs. The apparel featured in this year’s Fall collection provides a balance between aesthetics and athletics.

Nike Fall Sportswear 2014 - Men's Glory Top

Nike Fall Sportswear 2014 - Men's Windrunner

And this year, they’ve chosen to break down the main collection into three sub-collections: Running, Sportswear and Training.

Personally, I have chosen to showcase the Sportswear collection which highlights a range of apparel and footwear that provides us with the perfect pieces to wear before or after work-outs, but let’s be straight with each other – there’s no doubt that you can wear these pieces during your work-out too.

I definitely would try to mix-and-match and incorporate them into my daily outfits somehow. 🙂

Nike Fall Sportswear 2014 - Women's Tech Fleece

Nike Fall Sportswear 2014 - Women's Air Max 1 Essential

“Featuring their signature bright colours and prints with a hint of monochrome throughout, this year’s Fall season is bound to get hearts racing!”

Nike Fall Sportswear 2014 - Men's Roshe Run

Nike Fall Sportswear 2014 - Women's Leg-A-See Stirrup

Check out some of my favourite pieces for both men and women within this post, and be sure to head to a Nike store near you to see the entire Sportswear collection (as well as Training and Running) until the end of September.

Enjoy! 🙂

Nike Fall Sportswear 2014 - Men's Roshe Run_2