Daniela Andrade: Latch

This voice has been stuck in my head all week! Not so much the song itself - well, a particular part of the song, yes - but really, it's the angelic voice of Daniela Andrade that has been weaving in and out of my head all week. Just listen.

Daniela Andrade - Latch

This completely stripped back cover of Disclosure’s ‘Latch’ sounds so soft and delicate when Daniela Andrade sings the tune. The original dance vibes are gone and Andrade’s vocals are accompanied by just the keys of a piano.


As the song comes to and end and all we hear is Andrade singing “And I don’t wanna let / No, I don’t wanna let go” over and over, I really feel like you can hear the weight behind the lyrics through her vocals. It’s very rare to be able to hear and feel that through a song. Her voice is just so engaging and distinct.

And as much as I love what Sam Smith did with the original, I would listen to this cover version by Daniela Andrade any time of the day (or night). Yes, yes.