Atu: Years & Years – Take Shelter (Remix)

I was in the process of drafting a write-up for the original tune by Years & Years, but yesterday, I hopped on to Soundcloud and noticed that a remix of the song by one of my favourite producers, Atu, had been released. My expectations were pretty high at this point, as I hit play on this track.

Atu_ Years & Years - Take Shelter (Remix)

Originally an eclectic mix of all genres, the original of ‘Take Shelter’ by Years & Years was great on its own, creating a song that was dance-able pop-synth. But recently Soulection artist, Atu, decided to remix the track with his signature smooth sound, giving the song a completely new sound and direction! AMAZING.

I honestly cannot make a decision about which version I like better. The original from Years & Years is so relatable through its lyrics and I don’t really dig the remix until about halfway through when the drop kicks in and it’s as if everything is just as it should be. <3 Atu is honestly one of my favourite producers since he dropped Pictures on Silence and I’m so happy to hear that he’s releasing some of that new new. Yes.

Check out the visuals for original tune below (which stars Emily Browning) and decide which one you like better!

“I’m shy.. Can I be what you like?”