The Truth About Money in Music

Through an initiative funded by Jack Daniel's, filmmaker Dan Graetz takes a raw, honest, and open look into what it takes to survive as a musician, or artist, or young independent creative, 'The Truth About Money in Music' features interviews with Kate Miller-Heidke, James Tidswell from Violent Soho, Remi, KLP and The Cairos.

The Truth About Money in Music

This is a really interesting watch.

For those of you wanting to crack into the Australian music industry, you should know that there isn’t much money in it.

Don’t believe me? Press play.

“The Truth About Money in Music” is a raw and honest insight into the Australian music industry. And I find that it is quite similar to many creative types and industries out there at the moment. It’s pretty much a known fact that if you want to be a creative, you most likely will not be making the millions of dollars you dream of just because the people you look up to are. It’s obviously not something that happens overnight and most times, it’s rather difficult to remain relevant and not “sell out” – particularly in today’s society.