Song From Scratch: Chet Faker x GoldLink

GoldLink describes himself as 'Rick James meets Justin Timberlake (*NSYNC days) with Backstreet Boys and a little D12 and Tupac'. Interesting. Chet Faker, on the other hand.. well you all should know how I feel about him. Now, imagine the two in the studio together creating a song from scratch. Hit the link below to see the outcome.

Song From Scratch - Chet Faker x GoldLink

An unlikely collaboration has arrived in the form of Melbourne’s Chet Faker and Virginia’s GoldLink for web series, Song From Scratch, presented by Adidas and Yours Truly.

Chet Faker x GoldLink – Songs From Scratch from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

I <3 Chet Faker. He’s honestly one of my favourite Australian vocalists because let’s be real, there’s not many [Australian vocalists] out there that can move you with their voice, their melodies and their production at the same damn time. And remember, Chet does it all – he writes, records, produces and performs all of his own music. But with this particular track, he had to let go of a few of those things and as you watch above, you’ll see that he was happy to do so.

As for those of you who aren’t that familiar with GoldLink? All you need to know is he is a talented young rapper/hip hop artist creating a sound that is energetic, upbeat and refreshing. At only 20 years old, the kid is onto something. He’s definitely got next. Make sure you jump on board now. Plus, he’s part of the Soulection collective. <3 The pair of “unapologetic perfectionists” met up at Werewolf Heart studios, in the shadow of the Capitol Records Tower, for the collaboration earlier this year and bonded over stories about old and (potential) girlfriends with a track, titled ‘On You’.

“We’re just writing about how no matter how much you have, you just want to spend it on that one girl,” Goldlink says.

Listen to the complete track below: