Rochelle Jordan – Back In The Day

Who doesn't reminisce about things that happened in the past...? This song really hit me when I heard it the first time. Just as Rochelle Jordan reminisces about a particular relationship from her past, i couldn't help but think about my own experiences..

Rochelle Jordan - Back In The Day

A couple days ago, Toronto songstress Rochelle Jordan dropped a new tune – a collaboration with Brooklyn’s DJ Kitty Cash.

With Jordan’s sultry vocals reminiscent of the late Aaliyah against a 90s RnB vibe provided by KLSH‘s smooth production skills, ‘Back In The Day’ tells us of the good times between a previous lover before things started to change.

This particular verse was so relatable, particularly with certain things that have been happening to me within the past few weeks..

Back In The Day
You wouldn’t hesitate to call
Oh, how we’ve changed
It’s like we ain’t even friends
Can you help me understand?

Speaking from my own personal experience from the past, one particular person wouldn’t hesitate to contact me – even if it was just to say he was thinking of me. But now, it seems things really have changed. These days, we’re almost like strangers but unlike ROJO, I’m not stuck ‘Back In The Day’ anymore.

In fact, it feels pretty good to have moved on completely. đŸ™‚

*‘Back In The Day’ is from Cash’s forthcoming project, “Love The Free Vol. II”, to be released on July 29, which will also feature Rainy Milo, Dev Hynes, Yuna, Willow Smith, and SZA.