Product Review: Crumpler’s Vis-À-Vis

Just over six weeks ago, I made a brave, scary and somewhat exciting decision to go travelling - all by my lonesome. The great people at Crumpler heard about my solo adventure and offered to provide me with some new luggage for the trip. Check out my review of their new 68cm check-in trunk - the Vis-À-Vis.

Crumpler's Vis-À-Vis

So as you know, I embarked on a pretty epic solo adventure just over a month ago. Travelling to Singapore, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hawai’i – all with my trusty new rolling luggage by my side; Crumpler’s new Vis-À-Vis!

What a complete lifesaver! Truly.

I tend to overpack whenever I have to board a plane – whether I’ll going somewhere for a month, a week or just a weekend away. I just figure that you never know what situations you could find yourself in or the weather that you’ll face. But this time around when I was packing for this particular trip, I had to cull my clothes – twice. I had it down to enough clothes for 10 days even though I was going for a month. I was only going to be in one city for no more than 10 days so I figured that was the best way to go. Plus, even though I didn’t plan on shopping that much… well, I just couldn’t help going into the little boutiques that I came across. Ugh.

Crumpler's Vis-À-Vis_Interior

I started my holiday with less than 10kg in the 68cm Vis-À-Vis trunk and although it still looked kinda full to me, the suitcase felt like there was nothing in it. I was good too. With very minimal shopping sprees during my time in Singapore and Chicago; by the time I reached New York, my brother even asked me ‘Did you pack anything??’ Haha.

After New York was a completely different story though. Can you blame me?? It’s New York!! If you haven’t been, you’re definitely missing out. But back to the subject at hand.

Last time I went on a major holiday was two years ago and Crumpler were good to me. They sent me the Dry Red No.4 to test out. That was good. But the Vis-À-Vis? The Vis-À-Vis was so much better! Seriously.

Crumpler's Vis-À-Vis_NewYorkCity
Waiting for the subway in New York City.

The biggest difference? That hard shell exterior. It’s durable, strong AND lightweight. Exactly what you want in a piece of luggage – especially if you know you’re gonna fill it up to the brim (even when you don’t expect to).

In addition to that, there’s a re-inforced heavy-duty zip, a built-in TSA lock (which let’s face it, we all need to have in this modern day and age), a unique and innovative interior clothes compression system and smooth glide wheels which means you will arrive in style at any destination, with everything exactly where you packed it. Exactly where you packed it. I tested this. Trust me, it worked!

Representin' Crumpler
Representin’ Crumpler around the world, with a special appearance from The Vegetable From Inside The Mountain.

Wanna know more? Hit up the visuals below which pretty much sums up all that I’ve been droning on about:

The only negative? My poor Vis-À-Vis came back with a lot of scratches on its shiny shell, but at least you’ll know it was well-travelled. 😉