Earlier today, PARTYNEXTDOOR announced the July 29 release of his sophomore album PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO, and soon after, he let loose the project’s pre-order bonus track, 'Recognize', featuring OVO Sound’s head owl Drake. Listen to the track now.


This song seems to be the tune of the day.

Everyone is talking about it, listening to it, adding it to their favourites, retweeting it.. well, you get the point.

And this writer is about to join the bandwagon by blogging about it. I heard this song whilst at the office today and it was just so catchy. Put simply: I really dig this tune. It has literally been on repeat since its release earlier today.

‘Recognize’ is a fusion of trance and hip-hop with a sense of seduction made up of raunchy lyrics and a smooth falsetto.

“I want you, I want you to turn up on me every night when I see you
Better recognize when I see you.”

Honestly though, I think this song would have been good with or without the guest verse from Drake. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Drake but I don’t know if he was needed for this song. I don’t know if a guest verse from anyone was necessary to be honest. PARTYNEXTDOOR does just fine without him. Anyone wanna re-edit this tune for me, without Drake? Hehe.

BUT in saying that, I did notice something whilst this ‘Recognize’ was playing over and over.. Did anyone else notice that around the 2.42 mark, for about 10 seconds, the melody/beat sounds strangely familiar to that of Drake’s The Language? Or am I just going crazy.. ? Let’s hope it’s the not the latter.

Just hit play and enjoy. 😛