Nehzuil: Put Your Records On (Remix)

When the Soulection crew were in Australia last week, I was fortunate enough to meet Sydney producer Nehzuil via the LA boys. On their last night in Sydney, I witnessed something pretty special: Nehzuil jamming and creating music organically with fellow creatives Thandiwe Pheonix and E$TA for hours on end in Nehzuil's home studio. The atmosphere was electric! It was such an inspiring night! Take me back there please! Nehzuil and the Soulection boys worked on a remix whilst they were in Sydney but this isn't it haha. #SorryNotSorry But on the same day the boys made music together, Nehzuil released his latest flip of Corinne Bailey Rae's 'Put Your Records On'.

Nehzuil - Put Your Records On (Remix)

Oh my goodness! This remix is straight up gorgeous!

The increase of keys just intensifies the prettiness of this song. Add on some 90s hip-hop drum beats, scratch samples with a little bit of brass and bass, and we’ve got something pretty special here.

Confession: I think I might actually like Nehzuil‘s version better than the original! Sorry Corinne.

The Sydney producer has really added some magic to this classic track though. I love the looping of ‘Just relax’ from the very beginning too – it just reinforces those feel-good vibes of the original.

This was is still one of my favourite jams.. even though it came out quite some time ago. It’s just one of those songs that takes you back to a particular moment in your life – at least for me.

Can’t help but sing along to this one. Enjoy.

To celebrate 2 million plays on Soundcloud, Nehzuil has offered this track as a free download. Score!