Jordan Rakei: Bodysnatchers

I'm always interested to find out an artist's musical influences. There's always the answers you expect to hear that everyone is a fan of - particularly when they've been pigeon-holed into a specific genre so usually they will list the artists that you want to hear. In this particular write-up, that wasn't the case. Brisbane's Jordan Rakei has listed Radiohead as one of his favourite bands and yesterday, he released a cover of one of his favourite songs, Bodysnatchers. A soul artist covering Radiohead? Can you imagine it?

Jordan Rakei - Bodysnatchers

Yesterday, one of my favourite Australian vocalists, Jordan Rakei released a beautiful cover of one of his favourite songs: Radiohead’s ‘Bodysnatchers’.

I love an odd cover every now and then, but covering Thom Yorke is no easy feat. Many have tried and many have failed. But there’s something about Rakei’s cover that makes him stand out against the rest.

Putting his own spin on it, Rakei has flipped the track, by slowing it down to a groove and adding a neo-soul vibe that makes you sit up and listen. And I mean, really listen.

The only downside is that the original is about four minutes long, and Rakei has chosen to chop his cover in half. Would have loved to hear him sing the entire version. Maybe one day…

But finding out that Jordan Rakei is a fan of Radiohead just makes me respect him more as a musician, artist and person. I mean, who doesn’t love Radiohead? đŸ™‚

Listen to the original tune from the influential British band below and you’ll immediately hear the difference.

So, which version do you prefer?