Guilty Simpson and Katalyst Australian Tour

For years Guilty Simpson has been a rock on the Detroit hip-hop circuit alongside those such as J Dilla, Slum Village, Eminem (whom Guilty still calls “Marshall”) & D12, Obie Trice, Proof, Phat Kat and Black Milk. Since the early 00's, Guilty has emerged as a sound to be reckoned and an MC to keep on your radar. Sydney based Katalyst has been behind the scenes of the music industry for years, producing for others since the mid-90s; and every one of his solo releases has earnt him an ARIA nomination in Australia, establishing him with a strong fan base worldwide. Detroit MC Guilty Simpson and Sydney DJ / Producer Katalyst first linked up to work on the Quakers album with Geoff Barrow for Stones Throw Records. It was a good match and not long after Stones Throw approached Katalyst to do more work with Guilty. Since then, they have both been cooking up something special in the lab with a collaborative record, due for release in 2015. Whilst no-one knows for sure what exactly they've been working on, you can get a sneak peek if you grab a ticket to one of their shows on this national tour.

Guilty Simpson and Katalyst Australian Tour

There’s a major tour happening next month for hip hop fans and unlike many of the tours these days that choose to visit only one city in Australia, the tour of Guilty Simpson and Kataylst will be most likely playing a show together in YOUR city. Yes.

Detroit MC Guilty Simpson and Australian producer Katalyst have joined forces on a collaborative album, which remains a mystery to most but is already creating a lot of buzz worldwide. Although the record is not due for an official release until 2015, the two Stones Throw artists are ready to reveal what they’ve been working on with a national tour.

If you’re a fan of either one of these artists, you know that you’re in for one helluva show with hard-hitting beats mixed with soulful rhythm and heartfelt lyrics.

“Collectively, this night will explore production, pushing the sonic boundaries of hip hop to another level.”

And it will no doubt, leave you hungry and thirsty for more, more, more!

Make sure you grab your tickets for this one.