Dosh: Syncro

Australian wallet brand Dosh recently released their Syncro range which is a true testament to the Dosh philosophy of streamlining the contents of your pocket. The new Syncro range provides us with a capsule wallet that is a compact and innovative way to carry your iPhone, credit cards and cash. With innovative materials and construction, your iPhone 5/5s is surely to survive many years of use and abuse.

Dosh - Syncro

I’ve been an iPhone user for the past 4-5 years and I have to admit, it’s been tough finding a case for my smartphone and even more frustrating having to find a new one every time Apple chooses to redesign their model. The iPhone 6 is supposed to be coming out at the end of the year, and honestly I don’t even know if I could be bothered to upgrade because I know I have to find a new case for it.

And if you’re an iPhone user, you’ll know that a case for your iPhone is a MUST. How many times have you been a witness on a night out and someone drops their phone and you hear that heartbreaking sound of something cracking? Lucky for me, I haven’t had that unfortunate experience yet (*knocks on wood*), but honestly, I cannot begin to recall how many cases I’ve had over the years.

But with so many different brands and styles of cases for your iPhone out there these days, how can you be sure who to trust?

Well, an unlikely contender comes from Sydney wallet brand, DOSH.

DOSH create functional and innovative wallets for the modern individual who can keep up with the trends happening in today’s society and face anything at any time. “Through their inspired design configurations, DOSH wallets help you shed the excess baggage of traditional shapeless leather wallets and streamline the contents of your pocket.”

Dosh - Syncro_Lunar

After many requests from their fans to innovate their designs even more, DOSH created a two-in-one product via their “Syncro” range. Made in Australia, the new range offers a product that combines your traditional wallet and protective iPhone case into one compact, streamlined DOSH wallet. On top of that, the wallet range is water resistant, super durable and made of 100% recyclable materials. Nice.

I was given one of the “Syncro” wallets a few months ago and at first I thought the fit for my iPhone 5 was a little too tight for the case, but just as with any new product, you have to give it time to ‘break in’. After a week or so, it was smooth sailing in regards to the ease of access that the case provided.

The feature I really loved was the incorporation of a wallet within the case. Whilst the space provided wasn’t really enough space for everything that I usually have in my wallet, it gave me the opportunity to clean out and downgrade all the things that I usually carry and keep what was important with my phone.

“The Syncro range is engineered to securely hold an iPhone 5/5S, cash and up to 6 cards. The inner pocket secures the phone whilst providing a highly impact resistant protective barrier against everyday wear and tear, and of course those cringe worthy drops. The Syncro range comes in 8 distinctive colour ways.”

For those of who who require a little more (visual) convincing, check out the video below:

Dosh Syncro iPhone 5/5S wallet from Dosh Wallets on Vimeo.

The only thing I had a issue with was that I usually listen to music from my iPhone – it’s pretty much a necessity for me. If you’re an owner of the iPhone 5, you’ll know that the socket for your headphones is at the bottom of the iPhone, and as you can see from the above pictures and video, the “Syncro” didn’t provide that option so it was frustrating for me to have to take out my phone whenever I wanted to listen to music.

BUT I was doing a little research on DOSH and found out via their Facebook page, that the “Syncro” has very recently had an update! Judging from the photo they released (below), I am pretty happy about it. Yay!! Now, I just have to make an order for the new Syncro, but which colour should I choose? Hmm.. decisions decisions! ­čÖé

DOSH Syncro - Update (July 2014)
“Syncro update! You can now access your headphone and charging port whilst your iPhone is in the Syncro wallet.”DOSH.