Daily Operation: House Shoes, Katalyst & Alchemist

Sydney's own Grindin' and Tristan Edouard have teamed up for a special new web series that is sure to catch your attention in one way or another. 'Daily Operation' not only features local acts but international artists discussing the lifestyle, culture, art, music and fashion in Australia. Hit the link below to check out the debut episode.

Daily Operation - House Shoes, Katalyst & Alchemist

Sydney’s Grindin’ has teamed up with talented photographer Tristan Edouard to present a new online series “dedicated to showcasing music, art, lifestyle, fashion and culture in Australia featuring local and international artists”.

The first episode of “Daily Operation” – whilst only 3 minutes long – sees hip hop acts House Shoes, Katalyst and Alchemist basking in their favourite past-time: digging for records. Filmed in Sydney, the episode provides an honest (and somewhat entertaining) insight into the minds of House Shoes, Katalyst and Alchemist as they speak their minds on records and sampling.

“If you don’t dig for records, I don’t respect you as a person.”House Shoes.

I’m not a musician by any means, but I like digging and finding old records too. In fact, during my recent travels, I went record digging at a spot in Downtown LA aka The Artform Studio; and if I hadn’t been told about the place so late in the afternoon, I honestly think I could have spent the entire day in there – just digging.

‘Cause just like House Shoes says, it is therapeutic. And when you find a record that’s pure gold? It’s really a great feeling! đŸ™‚

Towards the end of the video though, Katalyst touches briefly on the major corporations and lawsuits killing the sampling process, which is interesting considering what’s been happening in the music industry lately with the whole Soundcloud/UMG debacle

Looking forward to seeing the next episode in the “Daily Operation” series.