Brazilian Artists x Nike Sportswear

Opposites attract. Do you believe that? Well, with Nike Sportwear's polarising art collaboration, it actually works! Hit the link below to find out more.

Brazilian Artists x Nike Sportswear

Although the World Cup may be well and truly over, that doesn’t mean that the collaboration for kicks is going to die down any time soon.

To celebrate the nation that hosted the Grand Finale, Nike Sportswear recently collaborated with Brazilian artists Flavio Samelo and his wife Jayelle Hudson to produce two new recreations of the women’s Nike Roshe Run and Air Max 1 sneakers.

“The pair, who specialise in photography, are polar opposites with Samelo focusing on architecture and Hudson in contrast preferring to create work based primarily on organic nature. Mimicking the premise of the Nike Women’s Tight of the Moment iteration, Samelo and Hudson have combined their work into one creation that forms a black and white juxtaposition of the worlds of man and nature through the amalgamation of Samelo’s architectural photography and Hudson’s nature shot.”

Everything surrounding Brazil took centre stage this year – from its people, food, art and these sneakers.

Loving the contrast of colours and patterns on both designs!

The Nike Roshe Run “Pulso Forte” is available from July 8, and the Nike Air Max 1 “Foco Bonito” is available from August.

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