Jessie Ware: Tough Love

Jessie Ware is back! This week, the British singer-songwriter premiered her song, 'Tough Love.' The song is fragile, sleek, elegant, and emotive - the true style of Ware and definitely a MUST LISTEN.

Jessie Ware - Tough Love

I <3 Jessie Ware so much and I’m so glad she’s back in the studio! Last week, she premiered ‘Tough Love’, her new single on BBC1 with Zane Lowe.

The song was co-produced by Ware herself and BenZel who also executive produced her upcoming new album, which will be out later this year. BenZel is the [magical]* life of 15-year-old Umi Takahashi and 16-year-old Yoko Watanabe; both of whom met on an online message board and quickly discovered they each had a profound appreciation for ankle socks, 90′s R&B and J. Dilla. Bless the Internet.

Whilst the music complementing Ware’s voice are heavy, loud and a little in your face with the ’80s-esque synths and echoing percussion; if you really listen to the lyrics and the undertones of Ware’s smoky vocals, you’ll recognise that it touches on a rather sensitive subject to many.

‘And have you figured out all you wanted, have you?
When your heart becomes a million different pieces
That’s when you all be able to recognize its feeling
That’s called tough love’

Yep, definitely felt that way.

Earlier this week, Jessie Ware released the visuals for this stunning track and the video complements the song in all the right ways. Directed by BRTHR, the official videos plays out like an experimental short film, switching back and forth between scenes of colour and black and white; all the while creating gorgeous still images. Check it out below.

*In reality, BenZel is the team-up between London post-bass producer Two Inch Punch and mega-producer Benny Blanco.