Andy Allo: At Your Best

The late R&B siren Aaliyah perfected the kind of sound for her genre that was slow, sexy and intuitive, which in turn saw her becoming one of the greatest influences vocally for everyone creating R&B music today. Model/singer/songwriter Andy Allo takes on the influence of Aaliyah to another level by channelling the 90s superstar in this cover of 'At Your Best'.

Andy Allo - At Your Best

“Channelling Aaliyah” is exactly what Cameroon-born singer Andy Allo does in this beautiful cover of The Isley Brother’s original hit, ‘At Your Best’.

That intro is completely on point to me. Damn girl.

Keep the song playing on and I won’t blame you if you start to think you’re listening to the late baby girl, Aaliyah. It happened to me. I had it playing in the background whilst doing some work and I almost forgot that I was listening to a cover.

It’s still uncanny to me that Andy Allo is still relatively unknown to some. Despite working with the likes of Prince and Blu, she’s still managing to fly under the radar.

Seriously, Allo is an artist that is paving her own way, with a unique voice and sound teamed with raw and heartfelt songwriting.

If you still haven’t discovered the vocal stylings of Ms Andy Allo, I highly recommend checking her out.