Ameriie: What I Want

She may spell her name differently now, but Ameriie is back with a catchy new single, What I Want. Soulful vocals over a catchy-funky go-go sampled beat, Ameriie surely does have an infectious hit on her hands! Looking forward to hearing more music from the singer-songwriter.

Ameriie - What I Want

It’s been (more than) a minute since Ameriie (previously known as/spelt as Amerie) released anything for us to listen to. And to be honest, I only ever thought of her as a one-hit wonder because all I think of when I hear her name, are the drums at the beginning of her first single.

But whilst her newest release, ‘What I Want’, still provides the vocalist’s signature pop-infused with R&B sound, it’s much more funky and definitely one that will be on repeat for the season.

Personally, it’s the lyrics that made me sit up and take notice. Granted, the official video is (as of now) a lyric video, but if you can take on the “epilepsy warning” and read the words as they’re flashing at you throughout the video, you’ll find that the singer speaks of knowing what she wants (obviously) and learning not to run from it.

Yes, Ameriie is most likely referring to a relationship. But for me, I like to see that message take on a broader meaning of knowing what you want in life and not running away from it, which as I’ve mentioned on my Facebook page, is exactly the kind of mindset I have now (ever since I returned from my travels). I’m much more focused and determined. I’m not running away anymore (because believe me, in the past, there were many times when I wanted to).

I know what I want and I’m working on how to get to where I want.

It’s a great feeling! You should try it sometime. 😉

And for those of you who have no idea whom I’m droning on about and need a reminder, here’s that song that made Ameriie famous.

*Whilst many other bloggers are writing that Ameriie has sampled Sugarhill Gang’s ‘Apache’; according to Ameriie’s Twitter, the track is sampled from Incredible Bongo Band’s ‘Apache’.