VESTIGE: Gas Pedal (Remix)

Trap x Hip Hop. Sounds like a weird combination, right? But VESTIGE makes it work with this remix of Sage The Gemini's 'Gas Pedal'. Check it out. He'll have you bouncing in no time AND I bet you won't be able to get those two words out of your head. Ha.

VESTIGE - Gas Pedal (Remix)

This remix is a little old at 3 months but still packs a punch and definitely stands out amongst all the crap we’re hearing on Top 40 radio these days.. I don’t even remember the last time I sat down and listened to the radio to be completely honest.

Unless you count Soulection Radio… hehe! 😉

But back to the music.

‘Gas Pedal’ was originally released by Sage The Gemini, but I much prefer this version. VESTIGE has taken the original and managed to flip it on its head! Mixing hip hop and trap is becoming somewhat of a thing now and VESTIGE does such a good job showcasing us exactly what the mixture of genres sounds like. Damn.

And whilst I don’t know a whole lot about VESTIGE other than this remix, I’m okay with that. It does make me want to know more about him and his music though.

Time to do a little musical stalking.. Peace.