Event Review: Nike She Runs (Sydney)

On 3rd May 2014, Nike Australia held the 3rd annual Nike She Runs 10 km Race. Every year I tell my mates that it's not about beating each other, it's about beating our own times – but really, I was secretly watching their race times on Nike + Running App and using it to fuel my own competitive demons. They ate my dust. BOOM.

Nike She Runs (Sydney) 2014 Review

Let’s be honest.

We never look good when we run 5km let alone 10km. There was something liberating knowing that I could run the night with no inhibitions though. No make up. Sweat patches welcome. Fuzzy baby hairs in complete disarray and my shiny forehead makes an appearance. But all of that meant nothing because I was with my ladies and all we wanted to do was pound the concrete race-track through Centennial Park.

Nike She Runs (Sydney)_2

Nike Australia definitely upped the ante this year. Personally, it was a huge improvement from last year.

The larger space gave way to a huge jumping castle that they later opened to family and friends. Food vendors lined the corner section and high tables nearby were cozy with outdoor heaters – it was minus 13°C that night! The social media cube was a God-send as IGers went nuts and rightly so, as their images were immediately broadcasted on large screens within the festival space. The two chill-out sections were obvious hangouts due to its ability to deflect the cold winds.

Nike She Runs (Sydney)_3

The race started earlier at 6pm this year and the track was well planned and illuminated. The first incline was at the 2km mark, which in my mind, was a good placement as your still on a high from the start line. Fairy lights and disco balls were a dizzying distraction at the 7km mark and at 6kms cheerleaders and a band greeted me – a footballer’s entrance like no other.

There were Brazilian drummers near the 3km mark giving my strides some added motivation. And funnily enough, there were a group of people holding huge signs with random runners names on it – an easy motivation tool for your average ‘Vanessa’, ‘Mary’, ‘Anna’, ‘Sarah’, ‘Ingrid’ etc.

Nike She Runs (Sydney)_4

The event culminated with a stage performance by Guy Sebastian and MC Kris Smith – which was the only downfall. Would have expected female artists for an event that empowered women’s strength.

Next year, I vow to beat this year’s winner, as she’s won it 2 years in a row.

*Words and photography by Belynda Aguila.
*Special thanks to Nike Australia.