MINI Dance Floor Party

The new MINI has arrived in Australia and to celebrate they're hosting three iconic events, featuring THE NEW ORIGINAL MINI DANCE FLOOR. RSVP to not only experience the centrepiece of each event—a custom built, illuminated, interactive dance floor co-created by the acclaimed artist Darren Sylvester and award winning design lab Eness—but music from one of Australia's most loved and dynamic electronic acts, Naysayer & Gilsun, plus DJ sets from Animals Dancing and Pleasure Planet. Hurry!


MINI Australia are launching the newest model of the MINI Hatch in a BIG, BIG, way and YOU (Yes, you!) could be attending one of their exclusive launch parties!

“At each event’s centre, the innovative, interactive and wildly illuminated NEW ORIGINAL MINI DANCE FLOOR that will come to life (and light) with peoples’ dance steps and movement—created in collaboration with acclaimed Melbourne artist Darren Sylvester and award winning design practice Eness.”

The event is invitation only but as mentioned, YOU can be there! All you have to do is enter the ballot for the chance of an an exclusive invite to experience the action. If you’re a fan of MINI, dance floors and great music, I advise you to click the link above.

Check out a sneak peek of the dance floor below. WANT!

The party in Melbourne is May 8th, which is the same night I’m due to fly out for my epic solo adventure. What are the odds I can strike a few Beyoncé dance moves on the uber-fantastic interactive dance floor THEN rush to the airport and catch my flight on time? Hmm..

Nothing’s impossible, right? 😉