G-Star: RAW

With chess being the main concept, this new campaign from G-Star reinforces the brand as modern, innovative, and unexpected. Starring Chess Grandmaster Magus Carlsen and international model Lily Cole, you can never be sure what the next move will be! Check it out.

G-Star - RAW

It seems everyone is pushing the boundaries for 2014 and fashion label G-Star is looking to join in with their latest campaign: RAW.

And who just happens to be the face of the new campaign?

Red-haired siren and the unconventional beauty that is Lily Cole AND word on the street is, she’s heading down under this month to promote this sweet lil’ campaign. Woot!

Joining G-Star’s brand ambassador, Magus Carlsen, the campaign video sees an unexpected chemistry between the duo as they go head to head in the ultimate human chess battle! Imagine.

“With chess as a metaphor for life and the G-Star design ethos, the campaign is a call to think and re-think every move, to always move forward.”

Personally, I think it’s also some great advice to apply to our own lives.

G-Star RAW Campaign