Event Review: CARBON 2014 // Part One

So when I've reviewed CARBON in the past, I've often broken each day and/or night into a separate post. But this year I'm going to try and flip the switch a little bit. That is, skip the overload of words (as hard as it as a lover of words) and try and break it down into a review that will engage you and disappoint you that you didn't attend, but also leave you wanting to purchase an early-bird ticket for next year's event. Pretty pictures and videos included.

CARBON 2014 :: Part One Review

A couple weeks ago, I headed to the one weekend event that I’ve enjoyed working at every year since its inception: CARBON.

Wanna know what happened this year? Keep reading.

Friday Night // Original DNA Party.

The “weekend” event rightfully kicked off its festivities on Friday night with a party presented by sponsors adidas Originals, celebrating the release of their new zx flux – a sneaker that was definitely designed to turn heads and set trends.

Held at Toot Fanute, in one of Melbourne’s numerous laneways, the warehouse-esque location was transformed into a massive gallery showcasing different designs of the new sneaker from adidas. Keep walking through and to the back, you’ll find the massive and colourful installation by Vans the Omega and guest speaker Patrick Martinez dedicated to the ‘ZX Flux Photo Print’ prism design.

CARBON 2014 - Original DNA Party

With an open bar all night of questionable beer (I don’t drink beer, so what would I know though. But I tried it and I didn’t like it. #SorryNotSorry) flowed along with pre-mixed bourbon for the non-beer drinkers and ‘Free is Better’ water; a soundtrack of great music by the Can’t Say DJs and a lack of fans/open windows ended up in a night of twerking, sweaty bodies and a whole lot of drunken antics that I’d rather not repeat.

Following on from the party, a group of us (including a few of the special guests) headed to The Croft for a few more drinks and late-night conversations. Side Note: I believe I owe you a drink Patrick. Next time!

Saturday // Day One.

CARBON 2014 - Art and Design (Forum A)

Day One of CARBON was curated by Complex’s Editor-In-Chief, Noah Callahan-Bever, and saw guest speakers Patrick Martinez, Brent Rollins, Sheryo and The Yok, and Jeff Soto kick start the morning talking about all things Art & Design. Due to my work duties on the event as ‘door bitch’, I missed out on the beginning of the forum when the introductions were had and Martinez’s presentation commenced, but I was there for the majority of it and everyone else’s.

And although I was there to solely learn more about one of my favourite artists (i.e Martinez), it was the story of Brent “Where my Vietnamese people at?” Rollins and how he came to be Complex’s Creative Director that really resonated with me.

I wasn’t too familiar with Soto’s work but his talk was both informative and entertaining. Try not to bring up the topic of death with this guy though hehe. As for Sheryo and The Yok? Cutest ‘spraycation’ couple ever. Moreso on her part though haha. You just had to be there. đŸ™‚

CARBON 2014 - Brent Rollins

As we were running kinda late on everything for the first day (as you do), everyone was absolutely famished by the time the lunch break came around late in the afternoon but we could only break for 30 minutes to make sure the second half of the day ran smoothly and on time.

Forum B saw acclaimed fashion designer Mark McNairy, camouflage pattern designer Hardy Blechman, and Australia’s own Levi Ramsey provide their knowledge on Building A Brand.

CARBON 2014 - Building A Brand (Forum B)

It was interesting to find out McNairy and Blechman shared a few things in common in regards to their journey of building their respective brands, and even Blechman was surprised at the similarities. Both talked about their struggles of difficult times and failure, but they also overcame this with their passion to survive in the competitive world. I know, I know. ‘Passion’ is such an overused term nowadays. But it really is the perfect word to sum up all thing things you want to say when you’re talking about doing what you love. I am definitely guilty of this.

Surprisingly though, it was Ramsey’s speech that struck a chord with me. A natural at speaking in front of a large crowd, Ramsey’s presentation was articulate and informative. As someone who is venturing out solely on their own, I related to Ramsey’s journey of taking on other mundane tasks and educating oneself to better themselves when looking at the bigger picture.

Here are a few key quotes from Forum B that I remembered to take note of:

“Money can’t buy happiness, but lack of it can cause misery.” – Mark McNairy.
“My whole life all I did was climb a mountain, and then when I got to the top I realised that nothing else matters except how you climb it… the journey is the destination.” – Hardy Blechman. [NB: It’s true. Often at times, it’s the journey that’s more important. All the things you experience to get to that one goal can define you. It’s just a matter of how much hard work you’re willing to put in to get there. I could go on, but I won’t.]
“Time is finite. Don’t procrastinate.” – Levi Ramsey.
[NB: Definitely something we’ve all been guilty of at one stage of another.]

Saturday Night // Mad Decent x New Era Party.

Whilst I wasn’t there for its entirety, this video will pretty much sum up what went down that night.

‘FLY YOUR OWN FLAG’ with New Era Cap, Mad Decent & Carbon Festival from ACCLAIM Magazine on Vimeo.

*Photography by ACCLAIM Magazine and The 5 to 9 Life.
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