Beyoncé: Grown Woman

Queen Bey has surprised us once again. Not with another album (although I've heard some rumours here and there), but an alternative video to one of her hit songs. The song itself, Grown Woman, was never released as an official track but if you were at any of her recent live shows, you would have heard her belt it out there or you would have seen the original video when you purchased her recently released self-titled album - the one that I still have on repeat. Check out the *surprise* alternative video for 'Grown Woman' NOW.

Beyonce - Grown Woman

This song is my jam.

That’s all. Just kidding.

But on the real, this song has been my soundtrack since 2014 began. It has given me that ability to do just what the hook says – ‘whatever I want’. That pretty much applies to my 9-5, this blog, my big move to Melbourne, my endless solo trips around the country (and another one coming up overseas), the most incredible opportunities and/or just the freedom that I have at this very point in my life.

It’s been the ultimate soundtrack for me this year. Love love love.

But back to the song. If you purchased Bey’s latest self-titled album on iTunes, you would have access to her video already for this great tune that is not on the official track-listing of her album.

But just over 24 hours ago, she released an alternative video to the song ‘Grown Woman’.

Mixing in graphics, typography, animation, various alter-ego’s and remnants of the original, the alternative visuals gives the original video a bit of a twist and a refreshing update. Peep the cameo from her Destiny’s Child sister Kelly Rowland dancing away too!

Take this post as an ode to Queen B if you want to. I’m just expressing the truth and my #feelings. And a girl is entitled to her own opinion, right?

And if you disagree, my answer to you is:

“I’m a grown woman. I can do whatever I want.”