Sango: Icebox 2.0

Soulection artist Sango has released another smooth mix, reworking two R&B hits from the early 2000's for his latest production. Titled 'Icebox 2.0', the track features samples from Omarion's 'Icebox' and pairs them with 'Fill Me In' by Craig David. Listen to it NOW.

Sango - Icebox 2.0

Sango manages to outdo himself on a regular basis, and this new release is pretty evident of that. ‘Icebox 2.0.’ is an impressive mash-up of two classic hits from a decade ago, that is sure to bring back some nostalgic vibes from back in the day.

As soon as the familiarity of that intro from Craig David’s ‘Fill Me In’ entered my speakers, I instinctively wanted to sing that first verse, but Sango decided to flip the track and and brings in Omarion’s vocals from ‘IceBox’ instead.

Not that I’m complaining.

With a touch of drums and some other subtle add-ons like Omarion’s vocals and Timbaland’s ad-libs, ‘Icebox 2.0’ makes for an infectious and refreshing combination.