Product Review: Converse Platform Plus

The awesome team at Converse recently sent me a pair of the new Platform Plus sneakers to try out. You have no idea how excited I was to receive the gift. Everything from the packaging to the personalisation to the design of the sneakers themselves was on point. Truth. Read on for my complete view of the new women's offering. #DontBeBoring

Converse Platform Plus

Let’s get a couple of things straight and out in the open: I’m a petite Asian girl but unlike most short Asian girls, I have no desire to wear heels when I go out.

Before you utter out the question, ‘But you’re a girl?’, my answer to you is: I’ve never been that girly girl to care about high fashion, make-up and all that glitzy glam stuff.

Comfort over trends, folks. Always.

So imagine my surprise when I received the new “Converse Platform Plus” sneakers in the mail. It’s as if Converse knew me and knew that something like this was missing from my (shoe) closet.


First off, the design of the packaging itself was rather intriguing and exciting. It reminded me of my High-School days in Visuals Arts class, which was possibly one of the two classes I looked forward to attending back in the day. Paint splatters everywhere! Covering almost every inch of the box, it just screamed ‘Fun!’ Loved it.

Converse Platform Plus_Personalised

And a personalised message inside? I was already in love and I hadn’t even seen or tried on the sneakers yet. If you know me, you’ll know I absolute love personalised gifts! *hint hint* 😉

“An all-new silhouette, the Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus takes the iconic sneaker to new heights adding a feminine touch to a fashion silhouette.

“With over two inches of a concealed wedge, along with a platform, the Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus gives your feet a dramatic burst of bold of colour. Each sneaker comes with unique coloured marbling on the sole (as pictured below) and will be available in the staple – monochrome black and white, along with two bright pop colours – pink and purple.”

Converse Platform Plus_Colours

Incorporating both comfort and style, I wore my gifted pair of sneakers on a night out in Melbourne and along with feeling much taller (it took me a few minutes to getting used to), my feet were not aching by the end of the night! Success. 🙂

This first ever women’s offering is available in stores now, and it’s definitely a pair of sneakers that needs to be added to every woman’s closet. Dress it up or dress it down, trust me, you will want to have these on hand when you’re planning your next outfit – day or night!


Converse Platform Plus_2