Crumpler: BELL

Australian bag brand Crumpler have been stepping up their design game as of late - and their latest workwear collection, BELL, definitely proves that. Featuring of only five pieces, the collection is designed for women and inspired by the incredible trio of the Brontë sisters. Check out the collection now and check back to the website soon for an exclusive review of one of the pieces.

Crumpler - BELL Collection

Crumpler has a new workwear collection available and it’s looking oh so clean.

Entitled “BELL”, the collection is both classic and distinctive.

The new Autumn/Winter workwear collection designed for women, was inspired by the enduring works of the three Brontë sisters. “Charlotte (Currer), Anne (Acton) and Emily (Ellis) published their initial works under the masculine name of Bell. This collection is a nod to their talent, intelligence and dedication.”

This video sums up how my life has been lately. Working 9-5 and coming home to sneak in meals and unpack from all the travelling then falling asleep on the couch trying to fit in some zzz’s. That’s me. #FirstWorldProblems though, right? Haha.

Absolutely loving the design and concept of this entire collection. Truly.

Watch this space for an upcoming review of one of the 5 featured bags from the BELL collection. 🙂