Writer’s Block

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy temporarily halted the production of 'Cold Comes the Night', a drama-thriller staring Bryan Cranston. During that impromptu down-time, Cranston created a contest. He invited the movie's production assistants to create a script to submit to him, and if he liked it, he'd star in it. The winner was Brandon Polanco, and the result was 'Writer's Block'. Only now has the short film been released. Watch it.

Writer's Block

While filming for Tze Chun’s film “Cold Comes The Night” in 2012, everyone’s favourite TV actor Bryan Cranston challenged the crew to come up with scripts, the best of which he said he would star in.

The result is “Writer’s Block”.

Based on the title alone, I definitely know the feeling of writer’s block. With it comes hours of procrastination and frustrating moments, including wasted hours on social media. Sometimes I think life would be so much better without it all. But that’s another topic altogether. Let’s get back to this black and white feature.

Written and directed by production assistant Brandon Polanco, the 14-minute short film sees Cranston giving a strong and dramatic performance as a writer desperately searching for inspiration.

Writer’s Block – a short film starring Bryan Cranston – 3 of a Kind Productions from Brandon Polanco on Vimeo.

The result is a film that is evocative, strange, and, of course, really well-acted. The score is quite beautiful too, especially during the credits. Shout out to the Sound guy haha.