Lonsdale: Urban Pursuit

Lonsdale have recently launched a limited edition collection for their new Winter 2014 range. Entitled 'Urban Pursuit', Lonsdale has focused on urban culture and style trends that are reflective and reminiscent of the military and wild animals - both of which you may encounter when deep in the jungle. Hit the jump to see the new 'Urban Pursuit' range!

Lonsdale - Urban Pursuit

This coming Winter, Lonsdale are bringing out a new streetwear collection that is inspired by the Urban Pursuit.

The what?

“The obstacles you face and your ability to undertake and overcome them in the urban terrain.”

These words were reminiscent of a TED talk I once blogged about, where my close friend Ali Kadhim spoke on overcoming your fears and facing those obstacles that we come across every now and then in life. I’ve definitely been there and I’m sure you have too.

Funnily enough, Kadhim was featured in the promo video for the new exclusive range from Lonsdale.

Directed by FlukeMedia, the concept of the new Winter range aptly fits with the video as they both share the theme of conquering obstacles.

Press play (below) and you’ll see Kadhim and his co-stars using their parkour skills to conquer all the obstacles that stand in their way in order to beat a specific time.

Lonsdale’s Urban Pursuit range has been uniquely designed with a trend led twist to stand strong on the streets this season, with the men’s garments drawing inspiration from army fatigues, with a subtle injection of military utility.

Lonsdale - Urban Pursuit_Mens

Lonsdale - Urban Pursuit_Mens2

For the ladies, the garments have been designed from a new interpretation on urban armour, taking a modern twist to combat wear mixing the creations with traditional and animal-inspired graphics.

Lonsdale - Urban Pursuit_Womens

The new limited edition Urban Pursuit collection is available online and in stores now.