K.J Palmer: TellOurVision

Smooth vocals sung over Intricate beats with ambient synths and clever songwriting that gets you thinking. This is just a small dose of how I really feel about K.J Palmer's new single, 'TellOurVision'. Read on to find out more and to listen to the tune while you're at it.

K.J Palmer - TellOurVision

When it comes to hip-hop, it’s pretty much agreed upon safe to say that the US takes reign on what’s good. Australian hip-hop isn’t the greatest (no offence), and I’m really not all that familiar with artists in the UK that are worth mentioning except for The Streets and Dizzie Rascal – although some songs from the latter are a little questionable too.

So it was a bit of a surprise to filter through a heap of submissions and find a song from a UK rapper that peaked my interest.

KJ Palmer.

Listening to the rest of his catalogue on Soundcloud, ‘TellOurVision’ is a stand-out track to me, and I’m glad that it’s the one that I’ve been introduced to by way of Palmer’s work.

If you stripped away the beats, you can hear the sample of Ciara’s seductive track, ‘Body Party’, used within SNJN Forest’s production of ‘TellOurVision’.

There’s some parts of the song where Palmer’s vocal work reminds me of a mix between Frank Ocean and Drake’s earlier work (with an added touch of a British accent), especially as the song opens up. It’s a bold statement, I know but hailing from Nottingham (UK), Palmer reveals an effortless flow in both his singing and rapping skills.

“Forever searching for purpose”
Aren’t we all on that same search? I know I am.